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Home Modification Solutions are your ‘Whole of Home’ specialists.

Home Modification Solutions provide a wide range of services to meet your every need.


Can include, but is not limited to – major bathroom modifications, internal and external ramps and rails, installation of wedges at trip hazard sites, installation of  handheld showers and grab rails, modification or reconstruction of steps.



Can include, but is not limited to – Plumbing, for example changing tap washers, taps and hot water service repairs, electrical services, installation of smoke detectors and lighting, annual home cleanups, glazier and locksmith services.



Our team can provide specialised assessments and designs to ensure that home modifications will meet your specific needs and increase your safety and independence in the home.


The Wellness Champions is a collaboration of three local trusted businesses: Home Modification Solutions, Sutherland Food Services and Activus Transport; with over 100 years’ of combined experience providing supports and services. Working primarily in the aged care space, each of the businesses has the experience and capacity to assist Shire residents.

We are all like-minded in terms of addressing the advantages of a holistic model of care and choice for customers living in the Shire. We believe it’s more than being happy or in good health. It’s about living a life that is meaningful, a life that feels worthwhile. There are many things that a person can do to achieve and maintain a sense of wellbeing and, by doing so, live at home as independently as possible.

How has HMS been able to assist you?

Holly’s Story

Holly is a very special lady living in the Sutherland Shire, who leads an active life and has Down Syndrome –  was thrilled with her bathroom renovation.  It was very important to both Holly and her family that she be able to have a space that she could safely and easily access and use her hair dryer and put on makeup if she chose.  Her original bathroom wasn’t able to offer her that.  Thanks to the team at HMS Holly now has a beautiful, safe and very usable bathroom space.  Our service is your solution!

Callum’s Story

On an average suburban street somewhere in the Sutherland Shire HMS was able to assist Callum a young man living with a condition known as Centronuclear Myopathy.  HMS  modified his home with ramps, removal and installation of walls and doors and a complete bathroom renovation.  Callum and his family were thrilled and we were thrilled to be able to assist Cullum to remain living in his own home.  Our Service is your solution.

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