HMS visited Vision Australia’s Expo this morning at Caringbah. They had hearing and vision tests, tech talks and demonstrations, equipment and support services available to chat with.

We also chatted with their lovely Occupational Therapists, who took us through their display comparing different a bad and good scenario at home, with some great ideas for those who have a vision impairment.


Some ideas from the OT’s  include:
* A contrast colour under your dinner plate to make it stand out
* Larger print calendars, clocks, address books, telephones
* Task lighting (desk lamps)
* Webster Packs for low vision (available at pharmacies)


They also have a kitchen set up with lots of great appliances and ideas to make life easier, including appliances that talk – such as a microwave, kettle, thermometer, scales and much more.

A very nifty item is their liquid level indicator for cups or glasses that buzzes/vibrates when the vessel fills up.

You can view these items in their Caringbah store or on their website

Thanks for having us!

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