Home Maintenance services that offer peace of mind for you and your family

If your home modifications are complete then making sure that your home remains safe is important.

Our maintenance services provide a range of options to help.

Some of the home maintenance services we provide include (but are not limited to)

  • Plumbing, for example changing tap washers, taps, hot water service repairs
  • Minor electrical services such as changing light globes
  • Small repairs to windows, doors, floors, roofs
  • Glazier and Locksmith
  • Minor maintenance to fences and gates
  • Ensuring areas are well lit to prevent falls, and recommending what changes to make if they are not
  • Small repairs to concrete paths to ensure safe and easy access to your home
  • Gurney slippery footpaths and access areas to avoid slip hazards
  • Gutter repairs above entrances to avoid slip hazards from unnecessary wet areas
  • Annual home maintenance services including windows, ovens, carpets, blinds, gutters, spring cleaning


We are expanding our suite of services to provide a wider range of full-cost maintenance such as painting, roof repairs, pest control, handyman services, concreting, paving and more.  Call us with your query today!


Trusted and Reliable

All of the tradespeople we use have gone through our strict HMS guideline process and are police checked, licence checked, reference checked and have public liability insurances.

You can trust the HMS team to get the job done!



All maintenance work can be:


Eligibility criteria applies for Government subsidised/funded options.  Find out more about funding here 


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