Do you offer payment plans

Yes, please contact the service for further information.

Am I eligible for Home Modification and Maintenance services?
You are eligible if you are:

  • Over 65, a person with a disability and or a carer
  • You live in the South East Sydney region and
  • You wish to continue to live at home but are experiencing difficulties which are making you feel less confident about your ability to live at home.

Is it essential to have an Occupational Therapist’s referral to access Home Modification and Maintenance’s services?
It is strongly recommended that an Occupational Therapist assessment accompanies any Modification work.

It is essential for subsidised work as per funding guidelines.

Can Home Modification and Maintenance arrange one off jobs like  window cleaning, changing light bulbs or fixing taps?
Yes, please contact the service to discuss your maintenance needs.

What is the usual waiting time for services?
Usually 2-4 weeks however it is dependent on the complexity of the job.

How do I know that the staff coming into my home can be trusted?
We are committed to providing you with a high standard of service. In addition to our own rigorous recruitment process, all staff undergo a thorough criminal history check.

What happens if I want an extra task done on the day of my service?
This can be arranged if you contact the Service. However, there is no guarantee the task will be able to be done at that time.

What are my rights?
You have a right to:

  • respect of your human worth, dignity and privacy
  • be assessed for access to service without discrimination
  • be informed about available services
  • choose from available alternatives
  • pursue any complaint about service provision without retribution
  • involve an advocate of your choice

What are my responsibilities?
It is your responsibility to treat our staff with dignity and respect. You must maintain a safe working environment, which complies with work health and safety legislative requirements. You are expected to pay the agreed amount for our services and advise us if you cannot make your scheduled appointment.

What if I am not happy with the service?

We encourage you to let us know of any problems or concerns you may have with our service. You may contact the office at any time on 9524 1100 to discuss your concerns with our Manager.

We have a complaints policy which you may access at any time by contacting the office.

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome you may contact the Aged Care Complaints Scheme
on 1800 550 552.

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